Breaking News: Elementor Hosting Unveils Exciting New Features for Superior Website Management

Elementor Hosting, renowned for empowering web creators of all skill levels, has introduced a slew of new features to significantly enhance the user experience and provide an all-round solution for WordPress websites built with Elementor. Let’s take a closer look at these novel features and discover how they can help streamline your website creation and management process.

Site Cloning: Effortless Website Duplication

The new site cloning feature introduced by Elementor Hosting significantly boosts efficiency by enabling website duplication with just a single click. This powerful feature allows for swift development of new websites for clients with similar structures, functionalities, and configurations.

Site cloning is especially beneficial for online businesses, enabling them to create additional websites that align seamlessly with their existing design system. Currently, this feature is exclusive to multi-site hosting plans, and each cloned site is considered an individual website within the subscription limit.

Database Access with phpMyAdmin: One-Click Management

Elementor Hosting now allows direct access to databases through phpMyAdmin, a widely used open-source tool designed for managing MySQL and MariaDB databases. This functionality enables users to effortlessly manage posts, users, settings, products, and more.

With phpMyAdmin access, users can make bulk changes to their database, saving significant time and effort. This feature proves particularly useful for troubleshooting complex issues and performing advanced changes. However, it’s essential to create a backup before making any modifications to safeguard your data.

SFTP Access: Secure File Transfer and Editing

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) offers a secure method for accessing and managing website files and folders. With SFTP, users can transfer files between their computer and website while ensuring the highest level of security.

This feature is invaluable for advanced web creators and developers, as it enables them to define rules, customize theme files, troubleshoot plugins, automate website development, and securely download specific files for offline editing and subsequent upload. To maintain the security of your website, Elementor Hosting provides SFTP details valid for 24 hours, which can be extended upon request.

Domains and Emails: A Comprehensive Solution for Branding

In an effort to provide a comprehensive one-stop solution, Elementor Hosting has introduced the new Brand & Business Tab, featuring personalized domains, professional inboxes, and logo creation tools. These features, coupled with partnerships with industry-leading providers, equip you with the best tools available to build a robust online presence.

Custom Domains: Establish a Strong Online Presence

Elementor Hosting, in collaboration with Hover, a reputable domain registrar, simplifies the domain purchasing process by offering seamless domain acquisition and automatic configuration. Acquiring a domain through this partnership not only provides a unique online identity but also a 10% discount for the first year.

Professional Mailboxes: Enhance Business Communication

To elevate business communication, Elementor Hosting has partnered with leading email box providers such as Zoho, Google, and Microsoft, to enable users to get personalized email addresses that exude credibility. The integration of these professional mailboxes with Elementor hosting ensures seamless communication with your clients.

Wrapping Up

The new features introduced by Elementor Hosting mark a significant milestone for web creators, ensuring better control and workflow efficiency. By offering an end-to-end solution, Elementor Hosting solidifies its position as the leading solution for WordPress websites built with Elementor. With the continual introduction of smart tools and features, Elementor Hosting aims to streamline the process of website creation and management, catering to the needs of every user.